Mind the Gap! - by Matija Dreze

Excerpt from Matija's (MBA '16) recent post on Breaking the Mold of Veterans:

Traditionally, November 11 is a day of gratitude and/or commemoration, depending on where you grew up in the world. In the United States, we remember wars fought; we also acknowledge men and women who served. Because of the nature of the military experience, there is often a certain stigma associated with being a veteran and, as a result, barriers are created which prevents open communication. I was curious about this “invisible wall”, so I discussed it with a few Sloanies to better understand it. This blog post is a maladroit attempt at bringing down barriers simply by starting a conversation between Sloanies who served and those of us who didn’t.

- See more at: http://mitsloan.mit.edu/student-blogs/mba-2016/mind-the-gap-3/#sthash.9Rfw3NCX.dpuf