Panel Spotlight: Moving Mindsets - How Industry Leaders are Bridging the Gender Gap


Clara Brenner | Co-founder and CEO | Tumml | Sloan alumna


Dr. Belen Carrillo-Rivas | Head of R&D Innovation Projects and Strategy, BioTherapeutics R&D | Pfizer
Sally Green | Former Chief Operating Officer | Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond | Sloan alumna
Debra Stabile | Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer | Citi Retail Services | Sloan alumna
Lisa M. Stapleton | Area Sales Director | Microsoft

Why do we see so few women in careers like finance and tech, and so many in careers like HR and K-12 Teaching? What are the challenges, and what needs to happen to overcome them? What are industry leaders doing to reverse the trend, and what can we as individuals do to bridge the gap? Senior executives from a range of industries will share their experiences forging new career paths and reflections on what works in bridging the gender gap.

More info on this panel and speakers can be found here.

Friday, February 6th, 1-1:45 | MIT Media Lab