Panel Spotlight: Role of Media in Creating and Breaking Sterotypes

Moderator: Anna Giraldo Kerr. CEO, Shades of Success. Huffington Post contributor with a focus on bias and the Latino community in the US


  • Christina Hsu. Marketing Executive and former CMO, Jumpstart
  • Soraya Chemaly. Feminist Writer, critic and activist
  • Julie Burton. President, Women's Media Center
  • Renata Mutis Black. Founder and Executive Director, Empowered by You

Media, including social media and advertising, represents tremendous platforms for connecting people, sharing information, and empowering voices across the globe. However, these channels can sometimes turn against women and other groups, such as when social media amplifies aggression against women or advertising promotes unhealthy or stereotyped ideals. What role does media have in creating and perpetuating stereotypes? What responsibility and scope does the industry have in redefining our associations, and what examples do we have of how this can be done? Join us for a discussion on the role that media plays in unconscious bias, and how these channels can become a force for good.

More info on panel and speakers here.

Friday, February 6th, 11:20-12 | MIT Media Lab