First Place: BlackSpace Boston

Creating a more welcoming boston for the black community (sponsored by the Boston globe)

  • Solution: Web app connecting blacks to varied activities of interest and each other to reduce social isolation

Second Place: Your Life is in Your Hands


healthcare: community approaches to diabetes prevention

  • Solution: Portable kiosk that uses laser technology to read glucose levels and administer pre-diabetes battery

Third Place: Transparency

MACHINE LEARNING BIAS (Sponsored by amazon)

  • Solution: Web app that shows consumers what is behind life-affecting calculations such as mortgage decisions

Other Team Solutions

Socioeconomic inclusion at Work

  • Solution: "Hiring Up" mentoring app


Leading Diverse Teams at Work

  • Solution: "Influent" AI, natural language processing tool that monitors language used in meetings for bias 


Female Founders

  • Solution: "Foundher" online community that connects aspiring founders to entrepreneurial mentors who will champion their funding goals


"pigeon-holing" of asian americans

  • Solution: "Elevate" social networking platform enabled to share stories and match mentors

ability / disease stigma

  • Solution: Platform that enables companies to describe provided services and candidates to provide what is needed for them to work effectively


Being lgbtq in the workplace 

  • Solution: "Linked Out" search tool that pairs LGBTQ job seakers with inclusive companies in technology


Diversity and Inclusion Education at Business Schools

  • Solution: "Sloan Net" interest sharing and story telling platform to promote cultural exchange


STEM Inclusion - Expanding the pipeline 

  • Solution: Virtual Reality career showcase and mentoring support

Culture Monitor

  • Solution: "Mic Check" app that aggregates user feedback on the appropriateness of proposed advertising



  • Solution: Web-based app aggregating multiple resources to support lactation access and usage