what is a hackathon?

A hackathon is about action. At Hack for Inclusion, we are focused on finding innovative solutions for important, difficult, and messy problems related to creating a culture of inclusion in a complex, globally diverse world. Using a design thinking approach, we guide participant teams through two days of brainstorming, testing, and presenting solutions, while holding the needs of the potential user or customer as the primary focus.


who is eligible to participate?

We welcome participants of all ages from the Boston area and beyond! In the past, participants have included community and organization leaders, engaged citizens, as well as undergraduate, and graduate students from MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, Boston University, and more. We aim to involve a diverse, passionate group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds because we know this enriches the hackathon experience and output.


do I need a technical background to participate in the hackathon?

Absolutely not! In prior years, some participants have had coding or programming expertise, which is always a helpful bonus for any team (and a potentially exciting component of final presentations), but it is not required. We provide participants with resources that allow non-technical folks to quickly prototype an online application or program.


Are there any outside speakers or networking opportunities offered?

Yes! Hack for Inclusion partners with outside organizations to sponsor challenges, and each team will be provided with mentors who are industry and subject experts. Each hackathon also features a keynote speaker to broaden our exposure to issues of bias. Given the diversity and experiences of our participant pool, it is likely that participants will learn as much from each other as they do from keynote speakers and mentors. There are formal and informal opportunities throughout the two days to connect with our keynote speaker, group of mentors, and fellow participants. Keynote speakers and mentors will be announced closer to the event.


Who should I contact if I am interested in sponsoring, mentoring, or volunteering?

At Hack for Inclusion, we welcome collaboration! Please reach out to the members of our organizing team at breakingthemoldmit@gmail.com for more information.